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We triumph over heart disease every day.

Cardiologists deal with the number one cause of death among Americans, cardiac arrest, which takes a life every 34 seconds. 

At Apogee Medical Associates, we triumph over heart disease every day.  We offer our patients excellent care through a range of new and emerging technologies. Our cardiac and vascular teams focus first on prevention through a comprehensive range of diagnostics and screenings as we believe prevention is paramount.


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We are a full service Cardiovascular practice.

State of the Art techniques

Providing compassionate care to Charlotte County and the surrounding areas.

Excellent Providers

Our providers render their services, in the office, at our privately owned and accredited lab, various skilled nursing facilities, rehabs, and assisted living facilities. we are affiliated with Bayfront Port Charlotte, Bayfront Punta Gorda, and Fawcett Memorial Hospital.

Our Benefits

Prevention and Early Detection


It is good to have a general idea of some symptoms related to the conditions of the heart. Always, consult your physician for further diagnosis.

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