Arterial Duplex Study

An Arterial Duplex Study is also known as LEAI (lower extremity arterial imaging). This test will check the arterial circulation in the legs.  This non-invasive test does not use needles, drugs, or dyes. The test will be performed by a highly-skilled ultrasound technologist.

A small amount of gel is applied to the skin over the area to be studied. A handheld transducer is used to make the pictures. The pictures will show the walls of the arteries, blood flow through the arteries, and any plaque formation in the arteries. The velocity of the blood flow will be measured. This will pinpoint the level and severity of the disease if any.

Your doctor may order additional testing if this test is abnormal. This test always includes an ABI (ankle-brachial index). Blood pressures are taken in both arms and ankles. The pressures are compared and calculations performed to estimate the severity of the disease.